​​Welcome to Sea Island Presbyterian Day School!

At Sea Island Presbyterian Day School, we believe in the development of the total child. We recognize that every child is developmentally different and deserves the opportunity to develop and learn at his or her own rate. Since we experience the world with our five senses, we encourage the children to "learn by doing" and provide a wide variety of "hands-on" experiences designed to meet the needs of the children at different developmental stages. 

Our school offers a program with varied experiences, designed to encourage your child's spiritual, social and educational development. Our staff of well-trained, caring and exceptional teachers will create an environment that will stimulate learning in a safe, Christian-based setting. Small classroom sizes enable us to offer a structured,

developmentally appropriate curriculum rich in math, language exploration, creative art, Spanish, music and drama activities, science and motor skills development.  

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Sea Island Presbyterian Day School 

81 Lady's Island Drive, Beaufort, South Carolina

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